Since 2011 BALMAR has entered Space Industry sector in the area of Advanced Manufacturing/Additive Manufacturing.

Our major space partners are ESA (European Space Agency) and Company Space Composite Structures Denmark.


  1. ESA/PECS Programme (2011-2014): »Development, Prototyping and Manufacture of special Metal Components for Space Applications with Advanced Laser Technology LENS (LENS FOR SPACE)«.
  2. ESA Order (2017-2019): »Assessing the Use of Advanced Manufacturing to Improve and Expand Space Hardware Capabilities«.

Our expertise in Space Business:

  • Hybrid Additive Manufacturing (LENS/Powder Bed Fusion/Classical Machining);
  • Design, Development and Prototyping of metal parts for space;
  • Simulations (Finite Element Analysis; FEA);
  • Manufacture of metal parts for space industry.