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Company BALMAR d.o.o. is A privately owned Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), established in 2008 and located in Celje, Slovenia, Europe.

Major scope of company activities is focused into following industry sectors:

  • Aviation sector – airline business, aviation consulting and training in aviation

  • Space sector – space R&D activities, manufacturing and implementation of advanced metal parts

  • Additive manufacturing – technology development and implementation, service provider and technology consulting.

Our philosophy is to provide to our customers the most optimal, high-quality solutions, services and products with higher added value.


Airline, training in aviation and aviation consulting.


Metal structural elements for space vehicles and metal propulsion elements.


Direct Energy Deposition, Powder Bed Fusion, Hybrid Additive Manufacturing and LENS Technology.

Take-off with us into the future

We do not limit ourselves just to Earth, but are also looking further deep into Space.

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»Our passion and focus is to bring innovative world class aerospace and space solutions«

BALMAR’s strategic business partners

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